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School only lasts so long

It can sometimes feel like you'd love to have the school day stretch on uninterrupted. The truth is, school can be a great way for you to get some time to yourself or to get some work done.


With before and after school programs from KinderKids Learning Centers, you can ensure a safe, healthy environment where your kids can spend time before and after school indulging in art, computers, reading, games, and a whole lot of educational activities with some time to finish their homework.

Peace of mind

We understand that it's important for parents to know where their children are and what's going on there. You get peace of mind with KinderKids Learning Centers because we promise to provide a safe environment with plenty of supervision.

A little extra help

If you want your children to be as smart as they can be, you don't ever really want the school day to end. That's why we'll provide your child with special lessons and classes that will make the most of what they learn at school.

Any time that you can't be with your child, make sure that they have only the best, most attentive care. Trust KinderKids Learning Centers for just that.

A safe, healthy place to go after school is waiting on the other end of this line.



Interested in kindergarten?

The kindergarten programs at KinderKids Learning Centers are some of the finest you'll find anywhere. If you're interested in learning more, check out the information on our kindergarten page.

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